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Electronic Arts wants more adverts in games
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Probably time to go back playing battleship

Having not learnt anything about how media streaming companies have destroyed their business model with advertising, Electronic Arts is mulling over putting adverts inside its games.

Apple lets advertisers push adverts on your screen
Published in Mobiles

If you are dumb enough to agree to it

Apple will now allow push notifications to be used for advertising, so long as users agree to receive the ads first.

Advertising companies snooping on EU websites
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Taking the Michael

Advertising companies have infested EU government websites with advertising scripts to steal the data.

ISP switches off net until you see its advert
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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 11:38

ISP switches off net until you see its advert

Thanks to Trump's FCC

A US ISP gave its customers a clear snapshot of the powers that were awarded to them by Donald Trump's FCC when it switched off the internet for its customers until they acknowledged reading an advert for one of the services it was peddling.