ARM offers help to hardware startups
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Monday, 04 May 2020 11:04

ARM offers help to hardware startups

Free access to its chip portfolio

ARM is hoping to imporove the use of its chips by offering up access to around 75 percent of its chip portfolio for free to qualified startups.

US tech startups fear FCC will kill them off
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End of Net Neutrality means end of us

More than 800 startups have written to the FCC chairman Ajit Pai saying they are "deeply concerned" about his decision to kill net neutrality.

UK games industry makes big presence at GDC 2017
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Tax breaks and free workshops for aspiring startups boost competitiveness

This year’s Game Developer’s Conference is expected to witness an increase in presence from the UK games industry as publishers in that region continue to attract developers, artists, producers and designers reckoned to be shaping the future of video game and VR development.

Armenian trade show is just the startup ticket
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Augmented reality and the rest

Last week I took the time to go to an IT trade show in Yerevan, Armenia and it almost brought tears to the eyes of a hardened cynical journalist. If you can believe that - and I know you won’t - here's some evidence to put you under my spell.