AMD part of Amazon’s High-Performance Computing
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EC2 Hpc6a Instances for HPC Workloads

AMD’s new EPYC chips are behind Amazon’s EC2 Hpc6a Instance Optimised High-Performance Computing (HPC) product.

AMD Zen 4 architecture to bring 29 percent IPC boost
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Up to 40 percent if all goes well

According to the latest rumor, AMD's Zen 4 architecture offers a 29 percent IPC improvement compared to the Zen 3 architecture, and this extends to even better improvements if all goes well for Genoa.

AMD shows Zen 2-based 7nm EPYC Rome CPU in action
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Single-socket beats Intel's best-in-class dual-socket Skylake

AMD has announced its upcoming EPYC "Rome“ CPU, the world's first 7nm datacenter CPU based on Zen 2 architecture and packing up to 64-cores/128-threads.