Arctic unveils new P14 Max high performance 140mm fan
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Ranging from 400 to 2800 RPM

Arctic has announced the new P14 Max high-performance series fan, which comes in 140mm size and has a rather wide speed range, ranging from 400 to 2800 RPM.

Arctic launches Alpine M1 passive CPU cooler
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For Intel LGA 115x CPUs with up to 47W TDP

Arctic has rather silently launched its new Alpine M1 passive CPU cooler designed to be used with Intel LGA 115x CPUs with TDP of up to 47W.

Arctic announces new M1 series AM1 CPU coolers
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Active and passive CPU cooler for AMD's AM1 platform

Arctic has unveiled two new CPU coolers for AMD's socket AM1 which should be much better than noisy stock CPU cooler, the Alpine M1 and Alpine M1-Passive.

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 15:09

Arctic cools Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan

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Three coolers support it


Preview: With a silent Fan