Nvidia officially unveils Blackwell GPU architecture at GTC
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Impressive AI performance, 208 billion transistors, 192GB of HMB3e memory, and more

NVIDIA has officially unveiled its next-generation Blackwell GPU architecture at the 2024 GTC AI conference which kicked off last night with Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang keynote. Built on a 4NP TSMC manufacturing process and using MCM design for unified GPU, the new architecture promises much higher AI performance and plenty of other architectural improvements.

Nvidia turns to AI for design process improvements
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Better than humans 

Nvidia expects the complexity of integrated circuit design to increase exponentially in the coming years, and is looking to AI to help out.

Nvidia announces GTC 2020 for October
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Tuesday, 18 August 2020 13:21

Nvidia announces GTC 2020 for October

Jensen Huang keynote kicks it off on October 5th

Nvidia has scheduled its GTC 2020, from October 5th to October 9th, with Nvidia CEO and founder, Jensen Huang, kicking it off with a recorded keynote.

GTC 2017 opens to excited attendees
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Tuesday, 09 May 2017 03:17

GTC 2017 opens to excited attendees

GTC 2017 starts off strong

Since 2009, NVIDIA continues to showcase bleeding edge technology to developers.

IBM's CTO shows off GPU-accelerated Cognitive Computing
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Watson is all about human insight, discovery and advice

On Wednesday, IBM’s Chief Technology Officer Rob High gave a keynote speech with an emphasis on “cognitive computing” – another term for artificial intelligence, but with a goal of changing the role between humans and machines rather than recreating the human brain in machine form.

Friday, 25 May 2012 15:05

AMD to have big announcements at AFDS

amd AFDS logo

Focusing on cloud computing/gaming

Thursday, 10 February 2011 21:10

Nvidia sets date for this year GTC


GPU Technology Conference in October

Wednesday, 01 September 2010 22:29

AMD VP: Ontario in early 2011

GTC 2010: 40nm by TSMC
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 22:24

Globalfoundries to triple in four years

GTC 2010: Big plans, big promises