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AMD VP: Ontario in early 2011

by on01 September 2010

GTC 2010: 40nm by TSMC
AMD Technology Group Senior VP Chekib Arkout has just confirmed that Ontario, AMD’s first Fusion CPU is planned for an early 2011 launch.

It’s a single die design with shared low latency memory. It’s Bobcat based and the core features an aggressive out-of-order approach to instruction execution, allowing it to crunch more instructions than an Atom. More interestingly, Bobcat is sub-one watt capable, which also means that should end up more power efficient than the Atom.

It promises 90 percent of today’s mainstream performance in less than half of the die space. AMD again didn’t disclose what they are comparing Bobcat to in such a bold claim. I guess you need to trust them on it, as they are probably comparing it to one of AMD’s current cores.

Ontario is a 40nm TSMC bulk process as the graphics inside of it are 40nm. Globalfoundries also doesn’t plans to make 40nm products as they are preparing to take the world in the next generation, 28nm process that is. As we said, Bobcat has 40nm graphics inside, but at this point and time AMD is not disclosing any further details about the core itself.
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