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Chinese PC maker leaks AMD Radeon RX 7650M XT launch plans

by on27 May 2024

GPU features in a dock

Chinese PC maker  Aoostar is launching a new device featuring an AMD Radeon 7650M XT graphics card in July 2024.

According to Tom’s Hardware  Aoostar will introduce  AMD 7650 (sic) XT graphics card around July."

When it was pointed out that AMD had not released such a GPU yet the company responded that this was a small model refresh of RX 7600M XT.

The company compared the anticipated graphics card and the ONEXGPU, an eGPU dock with an AMD 7600M XT connected via Oculink, Thunderbolt 3 and 4, and USB 4.

This means that the 7650 XT could be a minor update of the existing 7600M XT GPU. AMD is following the precedent set by the previous-generation 6600M and 6650M, where the latter was enhanced with a higher clock speed and improved bandwidth. If AMD continues this pattern, the 7650M XT is expected to receive similar upgrades.

In addition to the 7650M XT, an Aoostar representative mentioned, "We are also currently developing an independent graphics card product, and the price will be surprising!"

It remains unconfirmed whether this independent GPU is the 7650M XT, but its square form factor suggests it might resemble a mini-PC more than an external GPU—unless Aoostar is innovating with a new design that deviates from the traditional rectangular shape of most graphics cards.

Aoostar is scheduled to test its samples this week, and the first version is expected to be previewed today, likely before testing commences.

Beyond the 7650M XT powered dock, Aoostar is preparing to introduce several variants, which will probably include other eGPU models with less powerful RX 7000-series chips. Although AMD's mobile graphics cards do not match the power of Nvidia's RTX 4000-series GPUs—with the 7600M XT being comparable to the previous-generation RTX 3060—these cards could enhance Aoostar's mini-PCs without exceeding the computer's footprint.

The pricing details of these eGPUs are yet to be disclosed, but they are anticipated to be more cost-effective than the exorbitant prices typically associated with Team Green.

AMD is known for offering competitively priced cards, especially when considering RAM. Should Aoostar provide these eGPUs with an attractive price-to-performance ratio, they could afford mini-PC users a satisfactory gaming experience in a device no larger than a small book.

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