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be quiet! unveils white versions of its Silent Wings Pro 4 and Silent Wings 4 fans

by on29 March 2024

Getting improved static pressure and more

be quiet! has unveiled the white versions of its Silent Wings Pro 4 and Silent Wings 4 fans, which are not only painted in a new color but also improve static pressure as well as allow these fans to reach high rotational speeds.

In addition to an all-white color scheme, the standard Silent Wings 4 White series also comes with improved static pressure, which is quite important when using fans on heatsinks or radiators, rather than just as case fans. These come with a low tip clearance of 1.0 mm and a funnel-shaped air outlet, improving that same static pressure. The series also features two different mounting corners that can be used with rubber push-pins or standard screws.

The Silent Wings 4 fan series comes in two sizes, 120 and 140mm as well as two different models, PWM, and PWM high-speed. The standard PWM model spins up to 1600rpm for the 120mm and 1100rpm for the 140mm version, while the PWM high-speed version goes up to 2500rpm and 1900rpm, respectively. The entire series also features a 6-pole fan motor with three phases and fluid-dynamic bearings, giving them a rather long lifespan of 300,000 hours.

bequiet silentwings4white 1

Silent Wings 4 Pro for maximum performance

According to details provided by be quiet!, the Silent Wings Pro 4 White series has been "turbocharged to reach extremely high rotational speeds yet offering consumers a choice to configure these fans for low noise, a noise/performance balanced mode, or maximum performance."

Now coming in white color, the Silent Wings Pro 4 White gets an updated rotational speed of up to 3000rpm for the 120mm version and 2400rpm for the 140mm version. These also include a speed switch that has three modes, Medium, High Speed, and Ultra High Speed. The Pro series also gets an additional corner type which is specifically created for radiators, as well as comes with a white mesh sleeve cable.

bequiet silentwings4white 2

The entire Silent Wings 4 White series should be available in retail as of April 9 and you can check out prices in the table below.

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