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be quiet! unveils new Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5 CPU coolers

by on12 October 2023

Calls them the new kings of air cooling

be quiet!, German-based manufacturer of premium PC components have introduced two new high-end CPU coolers, the Dark Rock Elite and the Dark Rock Pro 5. Describing them as the new kings of air coolers, these are aimed at high-end builds and overclocked systems.

Both the Dark Rock Elite and the Dark Rock Pro 5 are standard tower CPU coolers. They can be considered successors of the popular Dark Rock Pro 4, with the Dark Rock Elite being a special cooler that is aimed at those requiring the highest performance and airflow, as well as featuring a premium design. According to be quiet!, "both coolers are built for maximum compatibility with high-end motherboards and RAM-modules and offer an integrated Speed Switch for an inaudible operation or maximum cooling performance."

The Dark Rock Elite packs two aluminum heatsinks combined with 7 high-performance 6mm heatpipes and paired up with two Silent Wings 135 mm PWM fans for maximum air pressure and perfect airflow. The fans spin up to 2,000 RPM in Performance Mode, or at up to 1,500 RPM in Quiet Mode, both easily selectable via integrated Speed Switch.

The Dark Rock Elite has a couple of exclusive high-end features, including an innovative front fan mounting rail with adjustable height settings, up to a maximum clearance of 69 mm over the second RAM slot, ARGB LEDs on the top cover for visual effects, and black coating with ceramic particles for better heat transfer.

Specification-wise, the Dark Rock Elite measures 145 x 136 x 168mm and weighs 1332g. It has a maximum power capacity of 280W TDP. Of course, it supports all the latest Intel and AMD sockets and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

bequietnewcpu 1

The Dark Rock Pro 5 is a direct successor of the Dark Rock Pro 4, and also gets 7 6mm heatpipes. While it might lack all the exclusive features of the Dark Rock Elite, it also comes with two Silent Wings PWM fans (120mm and 135mm) and the same switch for Quiet and Performance modes. Thankfully, it lacks ARGB LEDs, which is a bonus, at least in our book.

Specification-wise, it measures 145 x 136 x 168mm, weighs 1292g, has a maximum power capacity of 270W TDP, and is backed by a 3-year warranty. It also supports all the modern Intel and AMD sockets.

bequietnewcpu 2

Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5 will be available in retail as of October 24 at a recommended retail price of $114.90/€114.90/£109.99 and $99.90/€99.90/£99.99, respectively.


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