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Sony's VR dreams meet hard reality

by on19 March 2024

No one wants them

Sony's gone and hit the pause button on their shiny PlayStation VR 2 headsets because people were not snapping them up fast enough since its grand debut in February last year.

Word on the virtual street is they've got a mountain of these £400 gizmos gathering dust – over 2 million of 'em, And it's not just in one lonely warehouse; these unsold headsets are clogging up throughout Sony, from factory floor to shop door.

Part of the problem is that Sony has been handing out P45s like they're going out of fashion, axing a whopping eight per cent of its crew. The fallout has hit the gaming gurus hard, especially those behind the VR magic.

It has shut down its London Studio, which provided the brains behind the VR hit Blood & Truth. The company has also put the brakes on at Firesprite, where they were cooking up the PSVR 2's Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Now, in a desperate bid to woo the PC crowd, Sony's whispering sweet nothings about making the PSVR 2 play nice with PC VR games. But the bigwigs are keeping schtum on the details, leaving us all wondering if they've lost the plot – or just lost faith in their own VR blockbuster lineup.

Last modified on 19 March 2024
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