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Chipzilla will help build Faraday's monster

by on07 February 2024

Caught in a Faraday cage 

Contract chip maker Faraday Technology on Monday said it plans to make one of the industry's first 64-core processors based on Arm Neoverse technology.

It will be made by Intel Foundry Services using its 18A (1.8nm-class) making process.

The new chip based on 64 Arm Neoverse cores will work for a wide range of things, including huge data centers, edge infrastructure, and advanced 5G networks, Faraday said.

The chip maker said that the chip will also have various bits from the Arm Total Design system, but did not say which, but probably PCIe, CXL, and DDR5 technologies.

Faraday will not sell the chip itself, but will offer its design to its customers, who will be able to change it for their needs. For now, it is not even clear if Faraday has a possible customer, but the company seems to be sure of Arm's Neoverse technology on the Intel 18A making process.

These possible CPUs will be made by Intel Foundry Services and will probably be among the first Arm-based data center processors made by IFS.

So far, Intel Foundry Services has got several orders for data center chips, including a cloud data center chip on Intel 3, a custom server chip for Ericsson, and Intel 18A-based chips for the US Dept. of Defense. Also, Intel puts together data centre packages for Amazon Web Services.

Faraday boss Steve Wang said that as a design service partner in Arm Total Design, Faraday aims for the most advanced technology levels to meet the changing future needs.

"We are happy to say we are making our new Arm Neoverse-based chip platform, using Intel 18A technology. This thing will help our ASIC and DIS (Design Implementation Service) customers, letting them speed up the time-to-market for top data center and HPC things."

Intel 18A technology uses gate-all-around RibbonFET parts and PowerVia backside power delivery. The making process promises a 10 per cent power-per-watt improvement over Intel 20A and is expected to be very good for data center things.

Intel senior vice president  Stuart Pann said: "We are glad to work with Faraday in making the chip based on Arm Neoverse CSS using our most competitive Intel 18A process technology. Our work with Faraday shows our promise to delivering technology and making new things across the global chip supply chain helping Faraday’s customers to easily meet the world-leading power and performance levels for chip designs."

Intel Foundry Services and Arm said they would work together on mobile chips to be made on Intel 18A making technology in April 2023. So far, the deal has not come to much, but as it turns out, at least one contract chip maker is interested in making data center chips with Arm Neoverse and Intel 18A.

Last modified on 07 February 2024
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