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Chinese use nukes to power battery Featured

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Guaranteed to give you piles 

Betavolt, a Chinese firm, has revealed an atomic battery for customers that can last for half a century. 

The Betavolt BV100 will be the first product to come out using the firm's new atomic battery tech, made with a nickel -63 isotope and diamond chip material.

Betavolt says that its nuclear battery will aim for aerospace, AI gadgets, medical, MEMS systems, smart sensors, tiny drones, and robots - and may mean makers can sell phones that never need charging.

The BV100, which is in the test stage before making loads of them, doesn't have a lot of power. This 15 x 15 x 5mm battery gives 100 microwatts at 3 volts. They say that more BV100 batteries can be used together in series or parallel depending on what you need. Betavolt also says that it has plans to make a 1-watt version of its atomic battery in 2025.

However, the BV100 is said to be a game-changer for two reasons. For a start, a safe tiny atomic battery with 50 years of no-fuss power is a breakthrough. Secondly, Betavolt says it is the only firm in the world with the tech to charge big diamond chip materials, as used by the BV100. It is using its 4th Gen diamond chip material here.

The Betavolt BV100 is said to be safe for customers and will not give them cancer or superpowers. It won't leak radiation even if the battery is shot, stabbed, run over or installed in a Tesla. Betavolt's battery uses a nickel -63 isotope as the power source, which turns into a stable isotope of copper. This, plus the diamond chip material, helps the BV100 work well in places from -60 to 120 degrees Celsius. 

Betavolt knows that some devices need more power and hints that it is looking into isotopes like strontium- 90, promethium- 147, and deuterium to make atomic batteries with more power and even longer lives - up to 230 years.

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