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AMD denies ditching TSMC for Samsung

by on24 July 2023

Samsung orders were not ours

AMD CEO Lisa Su has denied that her outfit placed a shedload of orders with Samsung for its new 4nm process.

In May a mysterious company placed the orders with Samsung and many believed it must have been AMD because Apple had booked most of TSMC’s 3nm chips for its products.

Last week, Lisa Su visited Taiwan to meet the company’s partners and employees. During a press conference, a journalist asked the CEO if the rumours about AMD shifting from TSMC to Samsung Foundry for next-generation 4nm chips were true.

In response to the question, Lisa asked the reporters if they believed Korean media outlets. She denied all the rumours about AMD ditching TSMC in favour of Samsung Foundry for next-generation 4nm chips.

She said that AMD’s upcoming semiconductor for data centres, the MI300, wouldn’t have been possible without TSMC as it has “high complexity,” suggesting that only TSMC could make those chips, not Samsung Foundry.

“We will continue to work with our Taiwanese partners because we cannot launch this product without good partners like TSMC,” Lisa added, stressing that TSMC is important for AMD.

Samsung Foundry has increased the yield of the 4nm fabrication process to 75 per cent, and it plans to drop the defect rate below 25 per cent by the end of this year. The company is working on lowering the defect rate of semiconductors manufactured on the 3nm fabrication process below 40 per cent before the end of 2023.

These achievements are said to attract orders from Nvidia and Qualcomm for their next-generation semiconductors.

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