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AM5 motherboard vendors release new BIOS downloads

by on28 April 2023

Keeping AMD from getting a bit too hot

Motherboard makers have quickly responded to ‘Ryzen burn out’ issues and issued new BIOS downloads to fix the problem.

Earlier this week AMD has released an official statement regarding the  ‘Ryzen burn out’ issues and now all its major AM5 motherboard partners Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Biostar announced mitigating motherboard BIOS updates.

Asus Senior Technical Marketing Manager Juan Jose Guerrero said that Ryzen 7000X3D processors don’t allow for CPU ratio or core voltage tuning, but support PBO2 and EXPO. These technologies increase SoC voltage to ensure the processor can cope with the demands asked, stably.

Asus’s answer is to limit the maximum available SoC voltage to 1.3V. This statement of intent was issued earlier today, and the Asus exec said users should be able to find a new ‘safe’ BIOS with the 1.3V limit “within the next 24 hours.”

Biostar has created a BIOS update that “restricts direct voltage to CPU Vcore Voltage, CPU SOC Voltage, and CPU MISC Voltage.” The intent is to make voltage limit changes “preventing over-voltage and reducing the risk of damage to the 7000X3D series CPUs,” says Biostar.

Gigabyte says that it has released a new beta BIOS which restrained SoC voltage settings to reduce the risk of damage. It claims users will still enjoy “the foremost performance of Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs.”

Users will find Gigabyte’s beta BIOS downloads for its 23 AM5 series motherboards are available immediately.

MSI said its users haven’t experienced the issue where the SoC voltage boosts as high as 1.5V. However, in the interests of absolute safety, MSI has followed AMD’s latest guidance and “disabled the 7000X3D Core over-voltage feature.”

Users should be careful with CPU voltage usage for now but MSI assures its reddit community readers that when AMD releases a solution to the current issues, it will “promptly update” its BIOS files again.


Last modified on 28 April 2023
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