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Samsung denies there is anything wrong with its flagship SSDs

by on23 January 2023

And is certainly not replacing them

Samsung is denying that there is anything wrong with its 990 Pro 2TB SSD after fanboys took to the web to complain about its abilities.

One user reported how SMART data from both Samsung Magician and third-party tools had dropped to 99 per cent

“For the record, I have other Samsung SSDs with over 40TB written and still at 99 per cent health 1.5 years later, so I knew this was not normal. Within another day or so, it had dropped to 98 per cent, by this point I'd not even written 2TB to the drive. Fast forward a couple more days and the drive health were sitting at 95 per cent.”

There is a lengthy thread over at about it but users who send their ships back are finding that they are being returned because they do not have a defect.

Any testing done on returned chips seems to be limited to reformatting and resetting to factory defaults and there is no word of any new firmware in the works.


Last modified on 23 January 2023
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