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Dell increases the speed that its Luna project falls apart

by on19 December 2022

This is a good thing

Last year, Dell released Concept Luna, which is a sustainable laptop with fewer screws, using components that are easier to upgrade and recycle. Now it has improved the concept, and its latest Luna device can be fully disassembled in around 30 seconds using a push-pin tool.

According to a video Dell has released, it does not take much effort to disassemble a Luna device by r unlocking the keyboard with a pin tool, and removing two speaker units, battery, CPU fan, and motherboard. Removing the display after opening the laptop's centre bezel was possible.

We are looking at something like a bog standard Dell 13-inch Latitude when assembled. Even a general user could break it down as technologically, and it is about as simple as ejecting a SIM card.

The new Luna laptop also has room for a CPU fan, allowing it to house more powerful processors.

Dell Technologies' Client Solutions Group CTO Glen Robson said that by marrying Luna's sustainable design with intelligent telemetry and robotic automation, Dell had created something with the potential to trigger a seismic shift in the industry and drive circularity at scale.

"A single sustainable device is one thing, but the real opportunity is the potential impact on millions of tech devices sold each year and optimising the materials in those devices for future reuse, refurbishment or recycling. "

Sadly it does not seem that Dell is in a rush to get the laptop into the shops, and it looks like Dell's sustainably plans will focus on dramatically reducing packaging waste or exploring recycled materials for some PC cases.


Last modified on 19 December 2022
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