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MSI's Project Zero motherboard spotted

by on24 May 2022

When you don't want to see those pesky connectors

MSI's new Project Zero motherboard design has been spotted online, and this is a whole new concept in designing the motherboard in order to hide all connectors.

Based on what appears to be the Z690 MEG Unify motherboard, the showcased design completely hides all the connectors under metallic or plastic covers. The idea is not only to hide the connectors but give them other placements which might bring other issues in some case designs.

Gigabyte has a similar idea with its Project Stealth, which was designed in partnership with Maingear, a well-established PC builder.

While we think this is still in the early stages, it will be interesting to see an actual product soon, to get a better idea of how it will function in an assembled system.


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