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AMD doesn't have a chip shortage - claim

by on03 November 2021

Claims its prophets saved its profits

Chip designer Advanced Micro Devices has been able to skirt most of the problems linked with the global chip supply shortage by forecasting demand years in advance.

While this might be surprising for those who have tried to buy an AMD graphics card recently, Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster says that despite a squeeze in supply, AMD has been able to take market share away from rival Intel in both PCs and servers with its latest line of processors.

Papermaster praised AMD's divination division of prophets, soothsayers, geomancy experts and tarot card readers who apparently worked out that the world was going to hell in a shopping trolley before anyone else.

"Everybody has had to increase their focus on the supply chain but we did so from the very beginning of the pandemic", Patermaster said.

Companies with existing ties with chip fabrication companies like Taiwan's TSMC guaranteed a steady supply. AMD, which doesn't manufacture its own chips like Intel, depends on companies such as TSMC and GlobalFoundries to make the chips for them.

"We are using cutting edge semiconductor nodes and we are a very large purchaser in this area, so that is certainly helpful in securing our supply chain", Papermaster said.

Contrary to automakers, who are hardest hit by semiconductor shortage, AMD focuses on the smaller, more advanced chips which are less affected than the supply of mass-produced older chips. AMD has been focusing on high-margin chips, which not only allows the company to channel its resources but increases revenue, projected to rise 65 percent this year.

Last modified on 03 November 2021
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