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Rocket Lake might be slower than Ryzen 5000

by on23 March 2021

So much for new architecture 

 New benchmarks which have tipped up online have shown some embarrassing facts for Intel's new Rocket Lake-S architecture.

For those who came in late, Intel has been telling the world+dog that the primary benefit of the pending Rocket Lake-S series is the fact they're based on a new architecture, that architecture would offer better IPC.

A Chinese website now has tested a Core i9 11900K measuring the IPC and discovered that while an increase was definitely seen, Ryzen 5000 remains to be the faster architecture.

For those not in the know, IPC is the number of instruction-by-clock, indicative performance per core. The Asian based reviewer compares the Core i9 11900K with the Ryzen 9 5950 and that reveals the existing Ryzen 5000 chips are about six to ten per cent faster than the Rocket Lake processors when both architectures run at 4 GHz and are limited to four cores and eight threads.





Last modified on 23 March 2021
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