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Intel Rocket Lake to reach 5.3GHz

by on15 December 2020

Double-digit IPC confirmed

Intel’s John Bonini, Intel VP and GM of Client Computing Group Desktop, Workstations and Gaming, has already confirmed a few juicy details about the Intel 11th Generation desktop part codename Rocket Lake-S. Now the latest leak reveals a healthy 5.3GHz speed.

Bonini has revealed that the next generation 11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors (codenamed “Rocket Lake”) will come in the first quarter of 2021 and provide support for PCIe 4.0.

Our good friend W1zzard has recently done a great analysis of how Intel is still keeping rather well in gaming against the Zen 3 and Ryzen 5000 series, losing only slightly in some games when the best GPU and high-speed memory are matched. Based on the latest rumors and double-digit IPC performance increase by new Cypress Cove cores.

The new 11th Generation desktop processors codenamed Rocket Lake will come with up to eight-core and sixteen threads but double-digit instruction per clock performance increase based on the leaked details. The new memory controller supports speers up to DDR4-3200 and confirms Integrated PCIe 4 on the CPU side.

Double Digit IPC and PCIe 4

The new processor also increases CPU PC lanes by adding 4 Gen 4 PCIe lanes for 20 CPU Gen 4 PCIe lanes. Sixteen go to the GPU, while four are reserved for ultra-fast PCIe storage that, in the case of the latest Sabrent Rocket Plus, can go as fast as 7100MB/s.

The new integrated Xe graphics brings new MediaEncoders, new resolution support with up to 3x 4K60 monitors, and Intel Deep Learning boost.

Intel Rocket Lake S 11th Gen Core 5

Rocket Lake is a 14nm processor as far as we know, and the Cypress Cove cores are based on the 10nm Ice Lake fundaments. It will be the first time after more than five years of Skylake based cores that Intel has something new out of its pocket.

It is a shame that Intel had to push the launch date to Q4 2021, but with a double-digit performance boost, it is easy to project that Intel might be coming back on the gaming throne. Since Ryzen 5900 comes with 12 and 5950 with sixteen cores, it is easy to assume that Gen 11 Intel desktop will lose in rendering and heavy multi-threaded application to the competition, even to its Gen 10, 10 core Core i9 10900K.

Later in 2021, Alder lake with big and little cores, 10nm, and DDR5 support is expected, so the desktop wars have just begun, and more exciting development is expected in the year 2021.

Intel Rocket Lake S 11th Gen Core 6


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