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First Intel Core i9-10900X benchmark leaks

by on20 September 2019

Cascade Lake-X CPU with 10-cores

Some of the first Intel's Core i9-10900X results have been spotted online, courtesy of Geekbench database, and these show some rather impressive high base and turbo clocks, as well as some impressive single- and multi-core score, considering it is a 10-core/20-thread SKU.

Intel already made some bold claims regarding its upcoming Cascade Lake-X HEDT lineup, mostly focusing on "performance per dollar", which either means more performance at the same price or, most likely, lower prices for its HEDT lineup, at least compared to the Skylake-X lineup.

As originally spotted in Geekbench database by @momomo_us on Twitter, the Core i9-10900X has the same clocks as the Core i9-9900X, although we suspect that this is an engineering sample, and that actual clocks could be 200MHz higher, leaving it at 3.7GHz base clock.

According to some rumors, the Core i9-10900X is the entry SKU in the upcoming Cascade Lake-X lineup, which also includes Core i9-10920X, i9-10940X, and the i9-10980XE.

Intel Corei910900X 1

Intel won't be able to squeeze out a lot more performance as we are pretty much looking at a refresh based on the same, but "refined" 14nm manufacturing process, and it will be supported on current X299 motherboards. Intel will manage to squeeze out slightly higher clocks, but the biggest focus, as said, is on performance per dollar.

Back at the IFA 2019 show, Ryan Shrout, ex. PC Perspective hack and now Intel's Chief Performance Strategist, shared a bit more details, but despite promising "relative performance" figures, the company will have a hard time in the part of the market, with AMD doing quite well with its Threadripper lineup.

intel cascadelakexperf 1

Intel is also gearing up to launch the Core i9-9900KS next month, or as Intel likes to brag, "the first CPU to offer 5.0GHz all-core turbo clock speed", and we are certainly looking forward to hearing more about Cascade Lake-X lineup soon.


Last modified on 20 September 2019
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