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AMD’s Lisa Su to keynote CES 2019

by on10 October 2018

Talk about 7nm CPU and GPU

Last week it was announced that AMD’s President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be a keynote speaker at the CES 2019. This is a big step up for a smaller x86 player as this use to be a spot for the big players including Intel, Microsoft or Qualcomm.

AMD is having a good time as the investors are recognizing the potential of the company, maybe even the market might be a bit too optimistic. The success of the stock is mostly driven by Intel’s issue on 10nm that is lasting for years now and won't be resolved at least until some point in 2019.

Lisa wants to talk about the 7nm high performance CPU and GPU and continued progress of more than ten different product families. The keynote is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9 at 9 AM PT and usually, a few thousand people show up, and the line is quite long.

AMD has Vega 7nm GPU / Instinct solution for the AI market as well as 7nm of its server chip codenamed Rome as well as Zen 2. Things are looking up on the CPU side but some readers of Fudzilla are not too happy about lack of the next generation graphics.

Dr. Su’s address marks the first CES keynote from AMD in show history, following a milestone year for AMD under Dr. Su’s leadership, including the announcement of the world’s first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs and the continued progress of more than ten different product families.

Her CES keynote will provide a view of how AMD is transforming the future of computing, gaming and visualization technologies with diverse applications and innovative solutions.

Lisa keynote is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 9:00 a.m. PT.

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