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Intels' 10nm density is 2.7 times better

by on29 June 2018

Tech Insights report

A technology intelligence outfit called Tech Insights has voided the warrantly on an Intel Cannon Lake processor to see whether Chipzilla has made much of an improvement in its transition from 14nm to 10nm processors.  It looks like things are 2.7 times denser.

For those who came in late, the Intel Core i3-8121U is a dual-core CPU that was the first 10nm Cannon Lake processor to appear in retail products.  According to Tech Power Up, Tech Insights shoved the chip under an electron microscope.

The biggest single achievement was that Intel's 10nm density is 2.7X improved over the 14nm node. This allows Intel to shove more than 100 million transistors in one square millimetre. You can also see some significant size savings in transistor pitches.

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