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Chipzilla confirms Ice lake

by on16 August 2017

Intel will make it on 10nm + if it does not slip up

Intel has confirmed the existence of a new processor family called Ice Lake that will be made on Intel's 10nm+ process. 

Intel posted some basic Ice Lake architecture information on its codename decoder.  This is strange as the  company has yet to formally detail (let alone launch) the first 10nm Core architecture - Cannon Lake - and it's rare these days for Intel to talk more than a generation ahead in CPU architectures.

Intel has dubbed Ice Lake as its successor to their upcoming 8th generation Coffee Lake processors, which puts a spanner in the works as to a clear understanding where it sees 14nm Coffee Lake and 10nm Cannon Lake.

For those who came in late, the last few generations of Core have been Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Broadwell, Haswell, Skylake, with Kaby Lake being the latest and was recently released at the top of the year. Kaby Lake is Intel's third Core product produced using a 14nm lithography process, specifically the second-generation '14 PLUS' (or 14+) version of Intel's 14nm process.

Chipzilla has three processes on 14nm: 14, 14+, and 14++. These will be followed by a trio of 10nm processes: 10nm, 10nm+ (10+), and 10++. On the desktop, Core processors will go from 14 to 14+ to 14++, such that we move from Skylake to Kaby Lake to Coffee Lake. On the laptop side, this goes from 14 to 14+ to 14++/10, such that we move from Skylake to Kaby Lake to Coffee Lake like the desktops, but also that at some time during the Coffee Lake generation, Cannon Lake will also be launched for laptops.

The next node for both after this is 10+, which will apparently be Ice Lake.

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