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Intel cuts prices to see off Ryzen competition

by on28 February 2017

Yep it really is going to be competition

There are signs that Intel is scared of AMD's new Ryzen and is slashing prices on its chips in a bid to take it on a bit.

Intel has a lot to worry about, not only is Ryzen as good as anything Intel has, AMD is offering it at half the price.

According to Hot Hardware,Intel appears to be starting to counter the new chip, even before it has been released. At Micro Center we've seen the six-core Intel Core i7-6850K (3.60GHz) drop from $700 to $550, and the i7-6800K (3.40GHz) drop down to $360, from $500.

In the mid-range, the i7-6700K, a 4.0GHz chip has dropped from $400 to $260, and the 3.50GHz quad-core i5-6600K has dropped from $270 to $180. The Kaby Lake-based i7-7700K has dropped, from $380 to $299. Amazon and NewEgg have them at $349.  Amazon is being a little slow at cutting prices but this is expected to change once Ryzen hits the shops.

All this is good news. The fact that Intel is worried enough to drop its prices, means that Ryzen is likely to live up to its hype. It also means that higher end chips are going to be a lot less expensive by the end of the year.

Last modified on 28 February 2017
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