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Origin makes Kaby Lake worthwhile

by on06 January 2017

Professional overclocking to 5GHz

While we have said that Intel’s new Kaby Lakes are a bit of a snooze, a high-end custom PC builder has taken advantage of the one thing it is good at – overclocking.

For $75 extra Origin will boost Kaby Lake desktops chips over the 5GHz barrier. Intel's processors usually stop at about 4.5GHz. Origin can’t guarantee a set frequency as that depends on the chip Intel flogs them. But they do promise that "Origin PC's award winning system integrators will overclock your processor and squeeze out every last megahertz" with every overclock "stringently tested and benchmarked for ensured stability".

However, the outfit does seem confident in mentioning the 5GHz number in its marketing bumph.

It might breath some life into Kaby Lake and make it workwhile. All it would take is a few PC makers in Europe to get on the bandwagon and there could be a good product out there. Of course you could wait until Zen arrives, but that is a bit like waiting for Godot.

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