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Kaby Lake-S arrives in fourth quarter

by on06 June 2016

Faster clocks than Skylake with same TDP

Skylake desktop CPU's are doing well but it looks like Kaby Lake will arrive in late 2016 and clean its clock.

Intel's Navin Shenoy just announced a Core i7-6950X Processor that starts at $1700 but he also mentioned the new Kaby Lake processors before the end of the year. Fudzilla's deep throats believe that Intel will ship the Kaby Lake-S generation in Q4 2016 with bigger volumes arriving in Q1 2017.  

Shenoy is Chipzilla's corporate vice president and general manager for the Client Computing Group (CCG) at Intel and appears to have taken Kirk Skaugen's old job.  He didn't go into many unannounced details with us at Computex 2016, but he did mention the release date for Kaby Lake during his keynote.

The  Kaby Lake-S, the new 2017 platform will bring third generation 14nm processor technology. Intel will add a new trick to old silicon as including Intel Optane technology support, high speed DDR4-2400 memory support. Unlike the Skylake-S processors Intel managed to increase frequency within the same power envelope.

Broadwell 2014 was the first 14nm processor and the tick in Intel's tick-tock model, Skylake was the tock, or a second generation 14nm which was based on the same processor. Instead of going for a 10nm processor (another tick) Intel had another tock. So instead of tick-tock, we have a tick-tock-tock. It seems that Intel is playing tick-tock-tow with us and messing with our heads.

Cannonlake 10nm successor to Kaby Lake formerly Skymont won't arrive before late 2017 if it doesn’t get pushed back even further. The 14nm architecture including Skylake and Kaby Lake are expected to last quite a while. 

Cue comments from AMD fanboys about how Zen will arrive and change everything, followed by more comments from Intel fanboys claiming they need medication.

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