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Intel will release Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 processors

by on11 May 2016

Ready for the next Skylake refresh

Intel has just published a Product Change Notification which appears to indicate that there will be new Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 processors during the next Skylake refresh.

The Core i3 CPUs are the Core i3-6120, i3-6120T and i3-6320T. The Pentiums are the G4420, G4420T, G4520T and G4540. There will be also two Celerons – G3920T and G3940.


The change notification does not show clock speeds and other features of the refresh processors. It is hard to see any point in Intel releasing them if they didn’t have higher operating frequencies. Intel's specification update for 6th generation processors families mentioned an unreleased Core i3-6320T which was clocked at 100 MHz higher than the Core i3-6300T, otherwise it was the same as the i3-6300T.

The Product Change Notification was spotted and printed by CPU World:

Model and family OEM part number S-Spec number
Core i3-6120 CM8066201927204 SR2HH
Core i3-6120T CM8066201927104 SR2HF
Core i3-6320T CM8066201927003 SR2HC
Pentium G4420 CM8066201927313 SR2HL
Pentium G4420T CM8066201927505 SR2HP
Pentium G4520T CM8066201927511 SR2HR
Pentium G4540 CM8066201927408 SR2HN
Celeron G3920T CM8066201928503 SR2HU
Celeron G3940 CM8066201928606 SR2HW
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