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CPU-Z 1.76 released

by on25 April 2016

Supports Broadwell-E official names, Intel AVX-512 reports

Last week, the folks over at released a new version of CPU-Z, their highly popular system information and clockspeed validation software.

The latest release now supports Intel's upcoming Broadwell-E LGA 2011-v3 desktop processors by official name instead of codename and also re-supports good old Windows 98 through a separately available binary.

cpu z 1.76

CPU-Z 1.76 was released on April 21, 2016, and while the previous version (1.75) included preliminary support for Intel’s Broadwell-E processors, this version now identifies the following processors by name – Core i7 6950X, Core i7 6900K, Core i7 6800K, and Xeon E5 v4. Intel's new LGA 2011-v3 desktop CPUs will be displayed May 31st to June 4th at Computex 2016 in Taiwan.

Version 1.76 also includes support for AVX-512 instruction set reports. This is a new Intel instruction set that builds on 256-bit Advanced Vector Extensions SIMD instructions and offer higher performance for the most computationally demanding tasks. We are talking about processing up to four times the amount of data of Intel SSE with up to eight double-precision (FP64) and sixteen single-precision (FP32) floating point numbers.

intel avx 512

Intel AVX-512 instructions offer up to 4x more performance over Intel SSE with eight FP64 numbers and sixteen FP32 numbers

As a side note, Intel currently only supports AVX-512 instructions with its Xeon Phi CPU and Knights Landing co-processors with up to 16GB of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). The next lineup to gain support will not be until 10-nanometer Cannonlake chips in 2017.

As mentioned, CPU-Z 1.76 now takes a turn back to compatibility mode and again supports Windows 98, Microsoft’s second major release in the Windows 9x operating system line succeeding Windows NT 4.0. Re-support has been accomplished through a separate 32-bit binary download which offers almost all features available in the “NT” version, including the validation process. The software group hopes it can bring some legacy users to use its software for validation on older systems.

Since August 2015, CPU-Z has also featured a new “CPU Benchmark” tab which allows users a quick and effective alternative CPU benchmarking method over more established programs like Prime95 and Intel Burn Test.

CPU-Z version 1.76 can be downloaded here.


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