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Intel's unreleased 18-core Xeon CPU on eBay

by on15 February 2016

Will cost you $999

An auction for Intel's new Broadwell-EP ES 18-core Xeon CPU hits eBay for $999 even if it had not been officially released.

According to Tweaktown the 18-core part which can manage 36 threads thanks to Hyper-Threading works on X99-based motherboards, with a base clock of 2.2GHz, and Turbo frequency of 3GHz.It also uses Intel's 14nm process.

It features 2.5MB of L3 cache per core, with 45MB LLC cache in total. The Xeon E5-2600 v4 comes with a 145W TDP. It works with the Supermicro X10SR series with the BIOS R 2.0, while the X10DR series works has a BIOS R 2.0. .

All of the above, including the price, is probably nothing like the final chip. The ebay note says that this particular CPU is an early engineering sample with the 'A0' stepping.Still it does give an indication of what might end up in the shops.

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