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AMD Kaveri refresh is Godavari

by on29 January 2015

100 MHz faster, Computex-ish launch

We have reported that Kaveri gets a desktop refresh but apparently due to ambient noise at the noisy CES, we didn’t catch the right name. 

The processor codename is Godavari, again a river in India. In case you didn’t know Kaveri is also a river in India.

The new desktop refresh according to SweClockers is going to end up with A10-8850K branding. The new processor will get a 100MHz faster turbo clock and is based on the same 28nm manufacturing process. The base CPU clock for the A10-8850K is 3.7GHz, the same speed as the AMD A10-7850K, but the Turbo clock will jump to 4.1GHz with the new one. The A10-7850K has 4.0 GHz top turbo clock and 720 MHz GPU speed for its GCN Sea Island GPU.

The new A10-8850K will get the GPU to 856MHz. The memory speed supported stays at 2133MHz and the socket of choice remains FM2+. The TDP stays at 95W.

As you can see this is a small evolution and you can expect some cool parts for AMD on the desktop side in the latter part of 2016, some eighteen months from now, in 14nm.

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