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AMD launches 45W desktop Kaveri parts, finally

by on01 August 2014

A10-7800, A8-7600 and A6-7400K

AMD has finally launched three 45W Kaveri SKUs, which were in the works for months. The three chips feature configurable TDP, which means they can run at 45W or they can be pushed to 65W. The TDP can be adjusted by the user with relative ease.

The A8-7600 was the first 45W/65W Kaveri to be announced, but it took AMD almost six months to actually bring it to market. We had a chance to review the A8-7600 and we found it to be a relatively good deal. In the meantime AMD has slashed the list price to $105 a pop, which means it delivers even more value. It is a quad-core part clocked at 3.1/3.8GHz and it features Radeon R7 graphics with 384 shaders clocked at up to 720MHz.

The A10-7800 is a quad clocked at 3.5GHz and it can hit 3.9GHz on Turbo. It has slightly beefier graphics, an R7 with 512 shaders clocked at 720MHz. However, at $155 it's quite a bit more expensive.

The A6-7400K is the only dual-core in the mix. It is priced at $77. Its base clock is 3.5GHz and it can reach 3.9GHz with Turbo Core. It sports Radeon R5 graphics with 256 shaders clocked at 756MHz. It's a K-series part with an unlocked multiplier.

The new chips are still not widely available, but we managed to find all three of them in stock in Europe.


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