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Desktop Broadwell LGA is Socket 1150

by on31 July 2014

Fits 9-series boards, 65W TDP for quad

Broadwell was supposed to come in 2014 and it will ship in the last quarter of this year for detachable thin notebooks.

Desktop parts are coming after Haswell refresh and you can expect them in Q2 2015. They are called Broadwell LGA 14nm and one great thing about them is that they will continue to use the same LGA 1150 socket.

Broadwell on LGA Socket 1150

Intel's 9-series chipset family will support the new chips, so there is a good chance that a motherboard bought in recent weeks and months based on the Z97 chipset will support Broadwell LGA when it eventually shows up.

Desktop Broadwell, currently called Broadwell LGA, is based on Intel's new 14nm manufacturing processor, it comes with 65W TDP and it is a quad-core processor. There will probably be a crippled dual-core version at a later date, but the focus is on quad-cores at first.

Broadwell LGA 14nm with eDRAM Iris Pro GPU Some of the key features include Intel iris Pro graphics that is supposed to be the first desktop LGA Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) that will include DRAM. This memory can significantly increase the memory bandwidth of Iris Pro graphics.

Broadwell LGA should come will all SKUs unlocked and ready for overclocking but this will depend on the chipset you have. You will need the right combination of CPU and chipset to get the full, unlocked overclocking experience.
Intel Broadwell LGA desktop comes with Turbo Boost technology 2.0, Hypertreading technology is still there as well as Intel device protection with boot guard.

Core i5 and Core i7 branding

Desktop Broadwell is coming in Q2 2015 and it should come in the form of Core i7 and Core i5 branded processors. Core i3 and Pentium based Broadwell parts might ship at later date, but there is a chance that Intel will skip Broadwell based LGA processors and move directly to Skylake-S, the Tock of the 14nm that also comes in the first half of 2015.

Broadwell LGA supports PCIe Gen 3, DDR3 and DDR3L 1.5V, Digital display and uses DMI and Intel FDI to communicate with Intel 9-series chipsets. After Haswell refresh that didn't get that many desktop enthusiasts excited, it looks like Q2 2015 will be much more fun for overclockers and gamers.

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