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Intel lists Haswell refresh parts

by on15 April 2014

Identical prices, slight clock bump

Intel has added a load of Haswell refresh parts to its official price list and there really aren’t any surprises to report.

Most parts ended up with a 100MHz clock boost and as far as we can tell there were no noteworthy tweaks other than the clock bump. Devil’s Canyon parts are supposed to bring a few nifty features including better packaging, but they are coming a bit later.


43 Haswell refresh parts are on the way

Intel listed a total of 26 different desktop parts and 17 mobile processors for virtually every segment. The desktop list starts off with the 2.8GHz Celeron G1840 priced at $42 and goes all the way up to the Core i7-4790, a 3.6GHz quad-core priced at $303.

The mobile line-up is more of the same, but it did see somewhat bigger clock bumps. Haswell refresh mobile SKUs offer 100MHz to 200MHz higher clocks than their predecessors. They are somewhat pricier. The only sub-$100 part is the Celeron 2980M at $75. The Celeron 3560M is priced at $134 and all other Haswell refresh parts are Core products, priced between $275 and $434.


What about Devil’s Canyon?

Haswell refresh is not exactly a spectacular refresh. It’s more of the same, Haswell parts with slightly higher clocks.

In case you want more performance Devil’s Canyon looks a bit more promising, at least as far as desktop enthusiasts are concerned. The chips will be Haswell-based, but they are designed with overclockers in mind. Devil’s Canyon is supposed to deliver superior thermal capabilities and unlock more performance.

Sadly we still have no concrete info on them, so we don’t know what to expect in terms of clocks. Devil’s Canyon parts are expected to launch this summer. The first Haswell refresh parts are coming in May. You can check out a comprehensive spec sheet for all Haswell refresh parts over at

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