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Denver is Tegra K1 64-bit

by on02 April 2014

That is the official name

Nvidia is running quite a tight ship when it comes to Tegre related information, so we don't know much other than what CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed at the company's recent GPU technology conference. He did mention Parker and the fact that it will come with Maxwell graphics, and he did share quite a bit about Pascal.

However, when you inquired about anything other than that, Nvidia had nothing much to add other than the fact that Spiderman aka Parker and Volta come after Pascal, insisting that they are not delayed. We got confirmation from Nvidia that its first Denver part got an official name. It will be called Tegra K1 64-bit, kind of a straight shooter approach. Graphics fans are familiar with Tegra, K denotes Kepler and the 64-bit moniker helps. The other K1 is of course 32-bit based, as it still employs ARM's Cortex A15 core. The K1 64-bit brand was confirmed by GM of Tegra unit Deepu Talla. 

The chip is expected in 2H 2014 and apparently this dual-core should end up faster than Cortex A57 based 64-bit high performance processors. It will be interesting to see how Nvidia plans to handle marketing, as its dual-core parts are supposed to compete with quad-cores.

Apple has managed to do it with the Cyclone core, but since Apple's marketing department looks and feels like a new religious movement, it is not the best comparison.

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