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Tegra Parker comes after Erista

by on30 March 2014

Maxwell GPU

Nvidia's Tegra roadmap did changed a bit since last January, especially since Nvidia demonstrated its 64-bit ARMv8 architecture called Denver. Nvidia chose not to show Denver at the show and one of the reasons we've heard is that this was not a consumer oriented show. It was a CUDA, science community and professional market oriented event, hence no room for Tegra.

Head of Nvidia’s Tegra division Deepu Talla did confirm previous reports that Denver based Tegra with Kepler graphics should ship in the second half of 2014. He didn’t discuss any performance or features other than what was said before.  We got some additional information. Parker is not gone from the roadmap, but it is coming at later date, after Erista. Erista, the son of Logan (Tegra K1 was codenamed Logan ed. ) sounds like a smaller update or a derivative of Logan with a Maxwell GPU, but this is not something Nvidia was eager to discuss.

Parker is coming after Erista. Last time Nvidia showed a slide that had Parker, it revealed that this chip could have a Denver CPU, Maxwell GPU and FinFET transistors. We know that many companies have had a problems when they wanted to move to a different kind of transistors and we know that Intel needed quite some time to move to its 3D transistors.

We cannot get into any details on the roadmap change and we do not know if something went wrong with Parker in mobile and Volta on GPU/Computer side, as we could not get any definitive information. Nvidia simply said the roadmap where Erista comes after Tegra K1 is the one that we should use from now on.

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