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Intel’s build quality better than Apple’s

by on17 October 2013

Says Intel

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich seemed a bit put out when an Apple fanzine asked him a loaded question about how superior Jobs’ Mob’s chips were in comparison to Intel. Apparently the analyst seemed to believe that Intel’s manufacturing process was pants when compared to the genius of Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip and he wondered if Chipzilla was going to give up now. After all Intel was trying to use a 14-nanometer manufacturing process, compared with Apple's 28-nanometer A7 chip and a bigger number is always better than a small one.

Apple has been able to show very impressive benchmarks on 28-nanometer silicon, the analyst stated. The tame Apple press listening in on the call and nodded. CNET even reported Intel was being challenged by Apple now Jobs’ mob is proving to be a “world-class designer of fast-yet-power-efficient smartphone and tablet silicon with its A series of processors, essentially obviating the need for Apple to look to Intel for silicon in those devices”.

Yeah we can say we noticed either. Krzanich said if you take a look at things like transistor density and you compare, apples-to-apples and you compare, say, the A7 to our Bay Trail, which is a high density 22 nanometer technology, then Intel's transistor density is higher or more dense than the A7 is.

He said that Apple’s chip was a good product but there is a Moore's Law advantages in shifting from dense to denser technologies. After all the denser an Apple fanboy the more likely he is to believe that Jobs’ Mob will eventually replace Intel as the world’s largest chipmaker.

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