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Haswell goes fanless

by on10 September 2013

IDF 2013: HP notebook showcased

Haswell has made it all the way to the fanless thermal envelope. We could not take a good picture of it but at least for the better part of a minute Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanic held in his hands what is possibly the world’s first fanless Haswell notebook.

It is an HP system that is expected to ship later this year and should be on shelves before the Xmas shopping season. It is a 4.5 W TDP part which is the lowest we have ever seen with Core based parts, or any mainstream x86 part for that matter.

Broadwell can probably do even better with 14nm parts but this is at least a year away from today. The first Haswell 4.5W parts are shipping as we speak and there might be more than just a lone HP design that comes to market based on this new incarnation of Haswell.

Unfortunately after the keynote Intel took all these cool 14nm and 4.5W Haswell products behind the curtain, so we could not get decent pictures of any of them. (We’ve got to get you a nice 500mm Sigma. Ed)

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