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Intel promises 10nm in 2015

by on10 September 2013

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IDF 2013: 7nm in 2017

Intel just said that it can do 14nm in 2013, but more realistically this is a 2014 product, as this is when it shows up on shelves.

Intel claims it can ship some chips this year, which is apparently enough to call it a 2013 product. In 2015 it plans to ship 10nm chips and we suspect that real availability happens in 2016. This is when we would expect to see products based on this new 10nm-based chips.

Not sure if Intel plans to use EULV, but we heard that this new lithography process has many issues at the current state of development, at least this is what experts claim.

It goes beyond that, as in 2017 it plans to ship 7nm chips which again are 2018 products for all intents and purposes. This is still an impressive fab transition capability and being first to a new process of manufacturing is what can give Intel a fighting chance to gain share in the tablet and phone market.

As many have know in servers, data centres and PCs and notebooks Intel is still doing really well, doing it much better than the closest competitor. However, smartphones and tablets are currently the most dynamic market.

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