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Intel will make a mobile push

by on28 June 2013

RBC analyst sees success with new Atoms

RBC analyst Mark Sue has been shuffling his Tarot cards and reached the conclusion that the new Atom processors will become so popular that Chipzilla will not have to worry about PCs.

Sue said the improved performance and power dynamics of new versions of Intel's Atom line of processors should help it increase its market share in the mobile market. As proof he cites the recent win with Samsung, which is using Intel's Clover Trail chip in a version of its Galaxy Tab 3, as IBD reported.

RBC expects sales of Atom chips in the mobile category to jump to $3.7 billion in 2016, from just $380 million this year. Intel plans to ship a newer version of its Atom processor, the Silvermont, in late 2013, followed by Airmont in 2014. Sue thinks that Intel will gain in the market where Qualcomm and ARM Holdings have dominated.

This is mostly because the market is growing. He added that there was room Qualcomm to gain an incremental footprint too.

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