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AMD leaks new Kabini model numbers

by on28 June 2013

Duals and quads

On Wednesday AMD released the Catalyst Win 8.1 Preview driver and buried deep in the bowels of the update were a few interesting products, namely upcoming Kabini parts.

The Feature Highlights document, included in the download and uncovered by CPU World, features information on five Kabini dual-core and quad-core chips. They will appear under A6, A4 and E-series branding, depending on the features and clocks. 

Obviously, the A6 series will pack the most punch. The A6 5200 will be joined by two new parts, the A6-5250 and A6-5350, both of which are apparently quads like the 5200, but they should end up faster. The A4 series is to be bolstered by the A6-5100 and A6-5150 dual-cores.

As for the E1 series, which currently features two Kabini chips, it will get four new parts, the E1-2200, E1-2600, E1-2650 and E2-3100. All of them are expected to feature two cores, lower clocks than the A4-parts and fewer graphics cores.

Sadly though, we still don’t have the exact specs or launch dates, but more info should tip up sooner rather than later.

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