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AMD considering Android, Chrome OS

by on06 June 2013

No word on ARM application processors yet

AMD is finally taking Android seriously, but it doesn’t appear to be ready to make a serious commitment at this point.

AMD told CNET and PC World that it is indeed looking into Chrome OS and Android, but there’s nothing concrete yet. The first Temash tablets were showcased at Computex, but they run Windows, not Android. Meanwhile Intel is finally starting to score actual Android design wins with Z25xx Atoms and Nvidia has been in the ARM SoC market for years now.

There is a twist though. AMD is talking up custom APUs, which is hardly surprising as its Jaguar based products are probably the most competitive thing it has to offer. An AMD spokesperson told CNET that the company is committed to applying its intellectual property “anywhere where it makes sense” for its business and its customers. So basically AMD is telling the world that it’s willing and able to do custom Android chips, if anyone asks.

There is still no word on ARM-based parts though. AMD is working on ARM server chips, but there is still no indication that it is developing, or even considering consumer oriented ARM application processors. Unless someone kindly asks them to make some, of course.

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