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Expect TSMC to build the A7 chips

by on03 April 2013

Waiting for Samsung contract to run out

Apple’s A7 chips that are expected for the 2014 Apple products will not be produced by Samsung, unless a major shift in course takes place. The A7 (if the chip in 2014 ends up being named the A7) chips will be produced for Apple by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co when the current agreement expires between Apple and Samsung.

Apple devices such as the iPhone 6 and are expected to use the A7 chip. It is likely that the TSMC-produced A7 will use the company’s 20nm process. It is likely that TSMC will also be working on an “X” version, or what Apple refers to as the “enhanced” version, of the chip.

Based on statements from its CEO TSMC believes that 20nm production in 2014 will outsell the company’s 28nm chips within the first two years. This prediction seems to point to a very profitable future relationship with Apple.

Apple has become significant rivals with Samsung, which has led Apple to segregate Samsung’s products from the parts used to build Apple’s products. Apple has also had talks with Intel to fill its future foundry role; so far, however, word is that the companies have not found a way to make this match work.

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Last modified on 03 April 2013
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