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Nvidia sheds more light on Tegra 5

by on20 March 2013

While we wait for fourth gen parts

Nvidia decided to shed more light on upcoming Logan and Parker SoCs at the GPU Technology Conference on Tuesday. The move is bound to raise some eyebrows, as Nvidia is getting into a rather bad habit of talking up Tegra chips months before they actually show up.

Still, there is some interesting stuff to report. Logan, or Tegra 5, will feature CUDA 5 and a Kepler class GPU. Nvidia hopes the combination will help it drastically improve GPU performance, by a factor of three over rival GPUs. Logan will also support Open GL 4.3.

Moving along to Parker, which might be the Tegra 6. It is said to feature more advanced Denver CPU cores and it will be able to use 64-bit ARMv8 cores, so it will be Nvidia’s first 64-bit SoC. It will also feature Maxwell GPU cores, which should deliver twice as efficient as Kepler cores.

It all sounds nice but we won’t see the chips anytime soon. The first Tegra 4 products should show up in a couple of months, followed by Tegra 4i phones in late Q4, or possibly even early 2014. Tegra 5 should launch in about a year, in early 2014. Parker, or Tegra 6, will show up in 2015.

So why on earth is Nvidia spilling the beans on its upcoming SoCs? Some investors might like it, but that doesn’t explain it. Nvidia always had a public Tegra roadmap, but it did not go into detail. Perhaps it is just leaking like a sieve and instead of plugging the leaks it just decided to confirm them.

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