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Top Kabini 28nm APU is Kabini X4 5110

by on27 December 2012

HD 8310G graphics inside

Kabini is AMD’s next generation entry level APU set to replace Brazos and Brazos 2.0 in the essential desktop market. Kabini 28nm will come in two flavours, X Series and E Series.

The top notch processor is called X4 5110 and it rocks a TDP of 25W. There will be some 18W parts as well. They all use Jaguar cores, have DirectX 11.1 graphics and use the FT3 BGA infrastructure. The Kabini APU branded as X4 5110 supports DDR3 1866 as well as Turbo Core.

You will need a board with Yangtze FCH chipset to get it going. Our sources tell us that the graphics that will get this chip going is branded as HD 8310G. Currently we know that the launch is scheduled for June but some additional information that we gathered so far might indicate that the X4 5110 might come out even before the end of Q1 2013.

Sources close to AMD indicate that production ready silicon should be ready in March 2013, or very late Q1 2013, but full volume production with hundreds of thousand, or millions of chips is more likely to happen in June.

Unfortunately we don’t have exact clock speeds just yet, and this part of the spec will probably be revealed as the launch date draws closer.

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