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Top Richland 28nm APU is A10 6800K

by on27 December 2012

DDR3 2133 support

The successor to AMD's Trinity line of APUs, codenamed Richland, just got a name. It won’t surprise many that the top Richland processor will get the A10 6800K moniker. It will succeed AMD’s current flagship APU, the A10 5800K, and continue the similar naming convention.

The A10 6800K is a quad-core APU with DirectX 11 support and it will fit well known 100W TDP envelope. It continues to support FM2 motherboards and the rest of AMD’s Trinity infrastructure. The K suffix indicates that the processor will come with an unlocked multiplier and it will offer easy overclocking for the willing. Naturally Richland A-series APUs do support AMD Turbo core and its graphics is based on Radeon HD 8000 series.

The expected launch date is June, but the production should be ready by late March 2013. Production candidate samples were scheduled for early December, while late January should be the time for production ready samples. The Richland generation currently consists of four quad-cores and two dual-core processors, but at this time we still don’t know the final clock speeds. We can just pass on that there are 100W and 65W TDP parts, in both dual and quad-core flavours.

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