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Richland 28nm APU gets Radeon HD 8000 core

by on09 July 2012

Trinity successor in 2013

Trinity should last for quite some time and hold its ground in the desktop market throughout 2013, but of course, AMD is already working on a successor.

Richland A series APUs will feature up to four CPU cores, with dual and quad-variants, and they will support AMD Turbo Core, most likely a newer generation of the technology that ships with Trinity.

The graphics core of choice to be integrated is being called Radeon HD 8000 series, something that comes from Sea Islands generation, but we don’t have much more details about it. We do know it’s a DirectX 11 GPU core 128 cores for dual-core APUs and 384 cores for the top unlocked quad-core SKU.

The APUs will also support dual-graphics with some discrete solutions, but more details will get revealed closed to launch, at some point in late Q2 2013, if all goes as planned.

It is not clear if Richland uses Pilediver or new Steamroller cores for its CPUs. The rest of the specs include support for DDR3 1866 and a support for FM2 socket and launch in 2013, before the end of Q2 2013. This CPU has to put up a fight with Haswell, a second generation 22nm design from Intel that reportedly has much better graphics than the current Ivy Bridge.

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