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AMD gains processor share, sort of

by on02 November 2011

Yield issues impact growth, undermine Q3 sales

According to Mercury Research, AMD managed to claw back some market share from Intel in Q3.

The news comes just days after AMD posted surprisingly good earnings, but it appears Llano yield issues did have an effect on overall results after all.

AMD’s share in Q3 was 18.8 percent, up from 18.3 year-on-year. Meanwhile Intel’s share dipped from 80.6 to 80.3 percent. However, AMD lost share to Intel sequentially, since it held 19.4 percent in Q2.

Although the figures are hardly groundbreaking, they seem to prove that AMD’s sales figures were undermined by supply issues. Poor 32nm yields had a negative effect on desktop Llano shipments and Globalfoundries is apparently having trouble resolving the issue.

On a more positive note, AMD introduced its first Bulldozer-based FX-series processors a few weeks ago and they might boost sales in Q4, but they are barely able to compete with similarly priced Sandy Bridge chips.

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