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AMD no longer holds overclocking record

by on01 November 2011

Beaten by one bloke and his dog

AMD was jolly pleased last month when its engineers staged an event to squeeze 8429.38MHz out of its FX-8150 processor. This made it the highest-clocked CPU in the world and required a cast of thousands to manage.  

However this week they have been beaten by a bloke working by himself. Andre Yang managed to break the record by 32MHz.  What is perhaps more important is that he did it without the AMD team or a parent or guardian backing him.  According to TechPowerUp he used  2GB of RAM, an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard, some double sided sticking tape an no adult assistance.

He managed to stick 2V of electricity into the chip and disabled most of its cores to prevent it from giving him an all over tan. Still it is not bad news for AMD. He still used its FX-8150 chip and it is still the highest-clocked CPU of all time.

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