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Atom D2500 has significantly faster graphics

by on25 October 2011

But driver underwhelms

Samples of Atom D2500 and D2700 are out and the whole platform should be available pretty soon. After all it has been included at Intel's latest price list, but you still cannot see any official announcements or any systems based on it.

Our sources have played with both D2500 and D2700 and the main conclusion is that the CPU is not significantly faster than its predecessor, but the graphics part is. You should expect a huge performance leap, but we were warned that driver that Intel ships today is still quite dodgy.

Let me remind you that Intel has decreased DirectX support to DirectX 9 due driver issues with a hope that DirectX 10 driver comes a bit later.

Netbooks based on new Cedar Trail-M platform are expected later in Q4 2011 but they are also confirmed for this year. Both desktop and netbook Atoms have significantly better graphics and are based on 32nm manufacturing process.

They will probably do just fine, but we are not sure netbooks and nettops can stop the ARM offensive anymore, except in some niches.

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